released CPAN-Mirror-Tiny

I've just released CPAN-Mirror-Tiny to cpan!

What's this?

This is a yet another DarkPAN manager.

Why do we need a new DarkPAN manager?

I used to use OrePAN2. I was satisfied with its functionality, but its dependencies on cpan modules increased more and more. Now OrePAN2 depends on 128 distributions including Moose.

I want to use DarkPAN in CPAN clients. Then minimal dependency and no dependency on XS modules is critical.

My new DarkPAN CPAN-Mirror-Tiny does not depend on XS modules, and depends on only 10 distributions. This is why I made a new DarkPAN manager.


I've just switched from OrePAN2 to CPAN::Mirror::Tiny in Carl, which is a yet anothor Carton.

If we want to make cpan clients support installing modules from any sources (cpan, http, git, ...), then it seems to be easy to create a local cpan mirror first, and install modules from the local cpan mirror. Carl is a proof of concept of that.